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The Ultimate real-time dynamic reactive power compensation system for medium and low voltage motor startups.


  • Cost-effective fast reactive power compensation
  • Improves the overall power quality of the electrical network
  • Designed to limit voltage drop to local standards
  • Transient free switching
  • Centralized motor startup compensation solution


The PFC-FT2-ST is a real time, dynamic reactive power compensation system that utilizes a proven industrial technology to provide an additional solution for the challenges related to large motor startups.


A motor start demands very high reactive power for a relatively short period of time. This demand creates typical reactive currents of 6-7 times the nominal current of the motor, consequently a voltage drop is developed in the local network that is usually not designed to withstand these temporary high currents. This voltage drop can create problems for other loads in the network and, if excessive, can prevent the motor from starting.


Cost effective and fast reactive power compensation with the PFC-FT2-ST.


This example demonstrates the results of a 5MW motor supplied by an 11.5kV electrical network supported by a 15MVA transformer. The charts to follow represent the actual measurement data:

  Direct Online Soft PFC-FT2-ST 32MVAr PFC-FT2-ST 12MVAr Combination Soft Starter + PFC-FT2-ST 12MVAr
Startup time 6.9 sec 11.1 sec 5.1 sec 6.2 sec 9.5 sec
Voltage Drop -14.5% -12.0% -2.5% -10.0% -6%
Startup Current (Typical Values) 100% 60-80% 50-60% 70-80% 30-50%
THDv <2% 10% <1% <1% 6%
THDi <2% 19% <1% <1% 20%
  • The PFC-FT2-ST does not increase the harmonic level for the voltage and the current (in most cases, the harmonics levels are improved).
  • The voltage drop caused by reactive energy demand could be completely eliminated using PFC-FT2-ST, however due to cost considerations, a compromise should be considered.
  • The startup period is minimized using the PFC-FT2-ST solution, thus avoiding unnecessary wear to the motor and increasing the motor's life expectancy.
  • A low level of starting current occur when employing the PFC-FT2-ST solution.
  • During startup, the cleanest sinusoidal waveforms are achieved via use of the PFC-FT2-ST solution.
  • The complete cost of the PFC-FT2-ST in Medium Voltage applications, including the additional transformer and protection accessories, is less expensive than a soft starter solution in many operating scenarios (especially when more than one motor is used).

Specification Table
Low Voltage System which is designed to control the reactive energy at MV using a boosting transformer Primary: 690 Volt (typically) Secondary: Up to 66KV
Start-up Time Up to 30 seconds
Duty Cycle 5%
Ambient Temperature Limits -10° С up to 40" С
Capacitors Low loss, self healing IEC 831-1/2
Protection Class IP 20/NEMA 1 (Others on Request)
Design Sheet Steel Cabinet
Enclosure Finish Epoxy powder coated gray (RAL 7032)
Internal Parts Rust-proof alu-zinc
EMC Standards EN 50081 -2 EN 61000-4-2/3/4/5 EN 50082-2 ENV 50204 EN 55011 ENV 50141
Safety Standards EN 61010-1, EN 60439, UL 508 (on request)


Dimensions (WxHxD mm):
1.5-2.3 MVAr 1816x2120x940 мм
2.5 - 4.6 MVAr 2821 x 2120x940 мм
4.6-6.9 MVAr 4637 x 2120 x 940 мм
6.9-9.2 MVAr 5642 x2120 x940 мм
9.2-11.5 MVAr 7458 x2120 x940 мм
11.5-13.8 MVAr 8463 x 2120 x 940 мм
13.8-18.4 MVAr 11284 x 2120 x 940 мм