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Рower factor correction controllers

The major purpose of the regulator is reliable control of reactive power. This achieves cost savings on energy consumption, as well as reducing load on the line and switching devices. In addition, the regulator should control the reactive power compensation devices and operation to an alarm.

Рower factor correction controllers, protection relays LSB

Reactive power compensation panels are used to reduce load in the electrical grid and to save costs. This is the reason, that there are special requirements for the control units of these compensation panels, the reactive power regulator. The most important task for the reactive power regulator is to control the reliable termination of reactive power. This is reducing the costs for electrical energy.

PDFРower factor correction controllers LSB series
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Рower factor correction controllers, protection relays LSA, BSA

The intelligent regulation algorithm of Vmtec switches the steps optimized and by this it guarantees short compensation times combined with the smallest amount of operations. The operating cycles are shared equally to all steps. All relevant parameters for the regulation are set ex works in the way that in nearly all cases for LSA, BSA no further adjustments are necessary to start the regulation.

PDFРower factor correction controllers LSA, BSA series
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Рower factor correction controllers, protection relays 12LSB-T

To start regulation, only the correct setting of nominal voltage is necessary. Otherwise regulation is blocked for protecting capacitors. If CT ratio is not set, then measurement readings which depend on current are blanked.Awrong connection can be corrected by starting the automatic phase correction. For maintenance work, each individual step can be switched manually.

PDFРower factor correction controllers 12LSB-T series
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